One 2 one vocal coaching and audition Technique

You have an audition coming up , are you ready and prepared for it?  Do you have the right song for ur voice type?

Do you have the Basic performance skills to deliver a song that portraits the right emotion, control and confidence ?

I will coach and prepare you for every audition.

When you book your 1st one 2 one session you’ll get a free 30min consultation.

Jay has just completed the 4th season of The BBC The Voice as Vocal Coach and auditioning and casting contestants  for the Voice around the country, let me prepare you with one to one sessions on how to over come audition fear.

Vocal production recording. voice analysis .

Learn to love  the sound of your voice by vocal recording with professional equipment and analysing your vocal  performance with a vocal producer.

Vocal production for your show reel?

So your ready to show the industry professionals your recordings. I’ll personally vocal produce songs to bring out the very best of your performance.

Skype Sessions

Need help on getting the best out of ur song for your audition, Studio or live performance. Just drop me a line with link of song you want to work on and when we meet show me areas of song you feel needs work and I will make the necessary changes with you.

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